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Local boy gets life-changing prosthetic arm

June 07, 2017 11:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Boston 25 News

"A local boy has received a life-changing gift, a prosthetic arm made by a 3D printer.

Seven-year-old Harun Halilovic was born with Volkmann Syndrome, which left him with an undeveloped right arm. This prosthetic not only gives him a new hand, but opens a world of possibilities.

Halilovic is bright - and determined but fate handed him an unexpected limitation.

“When I was jump roping, I was frustrated, and tying shoes, I was frustrated,” said Harun. His occupational therapist was frustrated, too. She shared Harun’s story with her brother-in-law, Bob Kennett, at a family barbeque.

“As she talked about it I thought I’m an engineer, there's got to be an easy way to do this,” said Kennett. Bob found the answer inside a 3D printer and online, he found the plans for a prosthetic arm. “And then I thought, you know I bet that the local tech school, the STEM school would be the perfect place to get to do this,” said Kennett.

Inside Nashua’s Academy for Science and Design, Owen Sullivan and his classmates worked every day for five months to design the pieces for Harun’s arm."

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