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A look at charters, choice and reform efforts

March 15, 2016 4:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
In this article, Tobin offers a frank assessment of the politics behind efforts to block education reform. Unfortunately New Hampshire is not immune to this type of behavior as clearly demonstrated in HB2.

HB2 contains a number of provisions which would harm public charter schools now and in the future. Even worse, the use of HB2 circumvents the democratic process because it allows opponents to bypass the need to hold "public hearings" in policy committees such as house education. Quite devious.

By Jonathan Tobin

"After decades of struggling to stifle any hope of giving children and their parents a chance to escape from failing schools, liberals are starting to fear their task is inevitably doomed to failure...

The teachers’ unions and the rest of the state education establishment that oppose school choice tell us that this drains money from public schools and will hurt children. But the well-funded legal and political struggle they have been waging to squelch every attempt to provide choice is defending is their education monopoly, not the best interests of those interred in schools that don’t give kids a chance.

Far from destroying public schools, the availability of private and other options, such as charters, provide the system with the competition that is the only way to incentivize their improvement. Without that, the bureaucracy will continue to process kids more than educate them, as is the case in all too many places around the country where the families with the means to choose other options have fled the public system."

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